Our Team

Teacher Vikki

UMC Teacher / Director

Vikki holds a BA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Sociology as well as Early Childhood Educational units at the Site Supervisory level. Vikki has been a part of UMC Preschool since 2005, as a co-op parent, as well as beginning her teaching career as an aide. Subsequently, in 2010, Vikki became Lead Teacher in the Preschool Class and in 2016 added Co-Director to her resume.

Outside of UMC, Vikki loves spending time with her family, visiting Lake Tahoe, reading and dabbing in arts and crafts at home. Teaching fulfills her love of learning, of connecting and emphasizing the importance of making each day count.

I LOVE the wonderment, the excitement in children’s eyes when they realize an accomplishment and smile with pride. One of my favorite quotes and reflection of how I feel about being a teacher states: “If a student leaves my classroom with new skills, I’ve done my job. If a child leaves my classroom knowing they are loved and accepted for who they are, I’ve reached my goal !!!

Vikki teaches the UMC Preschool Class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She is also on campus as Director of UMC Preschool – Burlingame. By nurturing, listening and guiding her students, Vikki teaches the values of love, respect, determination and the skill sets needed for problem-solving and decision making.

Teacher Erica Drabik

UMC Teacher

Erica Drabik has been a member of the UMC community for a number of years, serving as a board member and as a co-op parent for both of her children. She began lead teaching the Toddler class on Monday and Wednesday at UMC in 2021. Erica has a wealth of experience in children’s programs as a teacher and a director.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University-Fullerton, and holds a Site Supervisor permit.

Outside of serving as an educator, Erica enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and leading an active lifestyle.

As a teacher, Erica enjoys getting to know each child individually and helping them grow into the best version of themselves. She instills confidence and pride, all while guiding them in a fun and nurturing way. Erica believes every day is a chance to explore and learn together.

Teacher Camille Edson

UMC Teacher

Teacher Camille utilizes her education in child development and her experience as a mother to teach students and support parents. Teacher Camille appreciates the many gifts each child brings into the classroom. She harnesses their interests and excitement to support and/or guide the curriculum, while always finding a way to incorporate the necessary foundations of academics. She believes strongly in building Social, Emotional and Sensory Development before entry into elementary school and utilizes each day to work towards mastery. Teacher Camille is 5th generation in Burlingame and believes it takes a village when raising children. She is proud to help connect families and create forever lasting memories in these early years of education. When not at school. Teacher Camille loves gardening, reading, and cooking.

Teacher Poornima Bhat

UMC Teacher

Teacher Poornima is very excited to be back in the workforce and to be working at UMC. Before taking time to raise her two kids, 12 and 10 yr olds, she was working at Stanford University’s Center for Infant Studies. She helped with research that looked at infant and child language development. Prior to that, Teacher Poornima worked in both preschool and elementary school settings with kids with learning and developmental disabilities.

Teacher Poornima loves being part of the Burlingame community. She wears multiple volunteer hats with the Burlingame schools. She enjoys spending time with her family and planning the next holiday. She helps out
in the Preschool M/W/F class. Her absolute favorite is to read picture books to toddler/preschool kids. She continues to read picture books to her tween kids even now. 🙂

Teacher Jen Kulin

UMC Teacher

Jen holds a BA in Liberal Arts with a major in English Literature and Business Administration. After 15+ years spent between advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments, she decided to accumulate her ECE credits during a self-imposed sabbatical. In the fall of 2021, she began her teaching career at UMC as a Teacher’ss Aide for the Mixed Age classroom but has prior co-op preschool experience (as a parent).

Mother of three and an alumna parent of the toddler program, in between parenting and pursuing her yoga certification, you can usually find Jen volunteering at her childrens’ schools and sports teams or teaching at a local Burlingame barre studio.

Jen appreciates being in a position to help children stay children as long as they can through play, discovery, learning how to problem solve and find their groove before embarking to elementary school.

Teacher Jodie Keegan

UMC Teacher

Jodie has been part of the staff at UMC as a Teacher’s Aide since 2018. She fell in love with the school when her middle child started in the Preschool program, and it sparked her journey from Co-oping, to subbing, to being a Teacher’s Aide. Her third child is currently in the program and loving it! Jodie enjoys exploring the outdoors, hiking in redwoods, hanging out at the beach, and spending time with family and friends.