What is a Co-op?

Cooperative (or “Co-op”) preschools combine the expertise of professional teachers with the special knowledge of parents to offer a loving and safe learning community for the entire family.  UMCPB offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is planned and carried out by seasoned teachers to provide children with a quality preschool experience.  Children learn social, emotional, and intellectual skills through cooperative and creative play in a hands-on environment.  Teachers provide gentle suggestions and help parents build their parenting skills in class, at community events and parent meetings.

At UMCPB, parents and/or guardians may choose between two participation levels, “Full Co-op” or “Non Co-op.”  Regardless of which participation level is right for your family, you will be welcomed into our community through social events & activities, school projects, parent educational meetings, and just connecting with other families going through the same stages of raising children.  UMCPB is more than just a preschool, it is a community to form long lasting friendships with like minded parents.

Full Co-opFull Participation in the UMC community.

What is required?

  • Work in the classroom 1 day a week
  • Have a school job (About 1 hr per week)
  • Participate in 2 Maintenance days per year*
  • Attend 2 School Meetings per year*
Non Co-opNo classroom participation required.

What is required?

  • No classroom workday requirement
  • No school job requirement
  • Participate in 2 Maintenance days per year *
  • Attend 2 School Meetings per year*