Covid-19 Preparedness

COVID-19 School FAQs


Q:  What will UMCPB do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other germs at school?


UMCPB has a COVID-19 safety and best practices guidelines booklet we have developed by learning from other schools (both elementary and preschool) successes and challenges.  We continue to revise and update our protocol as guidelines are revised and improved.  Upon opening in Fall 2021, we will have fully implemented our rigorous health and safety guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of our community.  


Q: I want to co-op, but what happens if Federal and/or County regulations force UMCPB to suspend co-oping parents from working in the classroom?


If UMCPB suspends co-oping parents working in the classroom, families will have the choice to switch to “Non co-op” status and be billed at the corresponding rate starting the next billing cycle OR remain as a “Full co-op” status by picking-up an additional school job.  Jobs will be assigned on a first come, preference based system.  


Q: What happens if UMCPB is forced to close and/or suspend in-person classes due to COVID-19/pandemic?


In the event UMCPB closes/suspends in-person classes, we will offer our Distance Learning Program (DLP) to registered students at the existing tuition rate.  No tuition reduction will be offered.  


Q: I am interested in a Distance Learning Program (DLP) only.  Does UMC offer this?


While UMC has developed a DLP model, we will only offer distance learning if we are forced to close the school facility for health and safety reasons.  Our tuition and enrollment commitments remain consistent regardless of our operating model. We do not offer a solely Distance Learning Program at this time. 


Q: I am not comfortable attending a Parent Meeting and/or Maintenance Day in person.


We plan to hold all Parent Meetings remotely via video conference until further notice.  We have also reworked our Maintenance Days to allow parents to work in an isolated setting.  We also have options to complete projects remotely and deliver to school.  Please discuss with the maintenance job manager if you have specific questions and/or needs.


If you have additional questions, please contact us directly at