Junior Toddler: For children 18 months By September 1, 2023

About this Class

Age: 18 months by Sep. 1st
Schedule: T/Th 9-11:30am
Children: up to 12 students
Teacher: 1 Lead Teacher and 1 Aide Teacher
Parents Helpers: yes
teacher erica toddler class 2

T/Th Junior Toddler Class Specifics:

2 days per week ( T/Th) 9-11:30 (2.5 hrs)

Up to 12 students: 1 Lead Teacher, 1 Teacher Aide, Co-op Parent(s)


Co-Oping Guidelines:

  •  Parents are required to stay until their child(ren) turns 2 years of age. Once the child turn 2, the parent(s) will be included in the regular, once a week, co-op rotation.
  • Non Co-op option is at the discretion of the teacher and director only AFTER child turns 2.
  • Children age 2 by September 1st are also eligible for this class.


About our Program:

Our toddler program welcomes children to (often) their first preschool experience by promoting a learning environment focused on the development of social/emotional, verbal communication, cognitive, and physical development skill-sets which are learned and practiced through PLAY (observing, imitating, exploring and mastering!).


Areas of focus:
Separation Anxiety, Potty Training, Verbal Communication, Empathy and Independence.